Wednesday, July 14, 2010

back in bizzyness

minggu ni minggu petame aku di sem 5
ni hahaha n baru hari ni jam kredit aku bejaye di isi.
. bapak pening pale aku nk memikirkan subject ape yg patot aku amek..
but skang alhamdullah la.. dah bejaye di penuhkan..
terimakasih kepada FATIN yg membantu aku
menyelesaikan masalah ni.. hehe..

penjaduallan?? haha jumaat aku cuti!!!!(xde clas)
sron0k sronok... n sem ni jugak aku banyak kelas
smue kelas pg kot.. hahahaha aku suke la jgak sbb ptg free,
ini bermaksud aku leh wat ape saje di waktu petang termasok lah..
tdo, main game,futsal,jog, or melepak2 wahahaha
n lg satu aku suke jadual sem ni ialah
isnin selase rabu khamis tu..
dari kol 12 sampai kol 2ptg gap n leh pg lunch..

bilik baru dah di kemas..
lantai dah ade tika..
tilam dah beralas..
hahahaha ape lg..
kluar bejalan la jawabnyer..
bile amy,wan,munie dan yang lain2
ajak bejalan..
amek k0...
g tgk wayang,
pastu main bowling n aku mng hhaha(ckp besa)
pastu...... shopping!!!
(ala beli topi je padahal)
owh n yg paling best skang..
report L.I
belom ku siapkan lg..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

lambong duit syiling

is it head..
or tail..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

need +

Positive psychologists emphasize that to achieve a more optimistic outlook, a decision needs to be made to embrace the belief that happiness is to a large degree within one's control and that we all have the power to create internal joy. Here are some practical suggestions that can be used to take initial steps towards a more positive existence:

1) Use Past Experiences Constructively:
Utilize earlier life experiences to grow in some aspect of your present life and potentially for the future. Avoid the trap of holding on to negative feelings from the past which cannot be altered.

2) Focus Energy on the Present:
Make a conscious effort to anticipate in advance any potential positive occurrences that may be present in your daily routine and be alert to unanticipated positive events. Then pay close attention to momentary pleasures and wonders and take "mental photographs" to help capture these experiences. Finally, designate time each day to reflect on the positive that exists in your life and be sure not to take anything for granted.

3) Work Towards the Future:
Dare to dream, shoot for the stars and build hope and optimism for what lies ahead. Develop a plan for the future that allows you to work towards your own personal vision of fulfillment. When you limit your fantasies you close off possibilities for growth and success.

4) Engage in Physical Activity on a Regular Basis:
Taking care of your body impacts you both physically and mentally. Shift from a "can't do" to a "can do" attitude and focus on what you are capable of doing physically. Find ways to associate activity with something that you enjoy so you can experience immediate benefits.

5) Explore Ways of Finding Meaning:
Dedicate yourself to something you truly believe in and involves something that you think is larger than you (spirituality, charity, kindness to others). It will provide you with a sense of purpose and make life meaningful. Treat today as if it's your last and don't let the precious moments of life slip through your fingers.

6) Assume a "Big Picture" Perspective:
When you encounter a situation that is stressful (but not tragic) step back and ask yourself if in the larger scheme of your life this is truly important. Consider whether or not it is worth your emotional investment and with the passage of time if the situation will pass or be less critical. Keep your eye on your priorities and consider ways to use the trying circumstances as an opportunity for growth.

7) Invest in Relationships:
Positive Psychology research has demonstrated that developing close relationships is the most crucial component for achieving happiness. Invest time in developing meaningful connections with friends and family. Avoid focusing on having your needs met and focus your energy on meeting the needs of the people about whom you care most. The more you put into your relationships the more love you will receive in return.

wat you think is wat u get..